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Aug 2

Fruition Seed Co.

According to Mapquest, I had arrived at my destination. As far as I could tell, I was in the middle of nowhere. I had been teaching at Breathe Yoga in Pittsford, New York, and had decided to act on the advice of a friend and check out Fruition Seed. I was assured that it would be a worthwhile trip, but I didn’t yet know why. With no cell service and nothing but the rolling hills of western New York in every direction, I continued blindly along the dirt road (the old-fashioned way, without GPS!). Around a bend, up and over a hill, until off in the distance I spotted a barn where I could hopefully ask for directions. I was barely out of my car when Petra walked out of the barn and welcomed me to Fruition Seed. Destination reached.


Immediately, I sensed that there was something special about this place. Aside from the inherent simplicity and beauty of the area, it was clear that everything Petra and Matthew touched was done so with great care and with high value for the land and their community. They were kind and excited to share their story. And the more I learned about their farming history, partnering with Cornell, and creating this sustainable seed business, the more impressed I was.

Inside their unassuming barn, the display of seeds encompassed everything from my favorite heirloom tomatoes to abundant organic legumes, grains, herbs and flowers. There were varieties I’d never been able to find and others I’d never heard of! It was a little late to purchase seeds for this year’s garden, but I picked a few unusual varieties to plant next year, and vowed to order from Fruition the next time I was in need. That opportunity came just this morning when an email from Fruition arrived to tell me that garlic starts could be ordered for fall. Done!


As it turned out, my visit ended up coinciding with the very last day of their seedling sale, so the pickings were slim. But what I received instead was invaluable inspiration, a priceless resource for my own gardens, and two new friends and visionaries to add to our clean food community. Please check them out online (or in person in Naples, NY) and join me in supporting their important work.

Eat Clean Live Well!

Terry Walters





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Jun 22


When the town asked permission to take down branches from my yard along the street, I said no. But when they took down an entire oak tree on the edge of my neighbor’s yard, I exclaimed “Yes!”

Freshly cut, hard wood oak was exactly what I needed! I called my neighbor, hoping that there wasn’t a long line of people in front of me who also wanted her cut-up logs (LOL), and soon thereafter I was carting home the perfect logs for my project – inoculating logs to cultivate shiitake mushrooms.

This is my first attempt at cultivating mushrooms, but I’m hopeful that it will be a success, and grateful for the extremely helpful and patient people at Field and Forest Products that walked me through the entire process and set me up with what I needed (in addition to the logs). Just in case you want to give it a try, here’s what you’ll need:

Freshly cut logs (no more than 3 months old) – Oak, Maple, Alder and American Beech all are recommended
Shiitake mushroom spores
Drill bit – the same size as the spores for a nice snug fit
Wax sealant – I used a cold wax that spreads without being heated

Thanks to Chip (husband and top notch mushroom-spore-hole-driller), we knocked off this project in just over 2 hours – including drilling each log in the recommended diamond pattern, inserting spores into each hole, sealing with wax, and setting up our finished logs in a shady humid place in the yard where they can sit above ground on an angle (so the rain drains off of them) to rest and grow.


And now, we wait. There’s a chance we’ll have mushrooms to harvest come fall, but if not, certainly we’ll have them next spring. I will be sure to report back when they arrive and at that point we can talk about how a family of 4 is going to possibly consume so many mushrooms! I can’t wait!

Until then, eat clean live well!

Terry Walters

Jun 8


Breathe – it was my destination as well as the theme for the week. Reconnecting with friends and family, running along the canal, steamy vinyasa yoga, and most importantly, two kitchen-packed Clean Food Cooking Classes, and one powerful Clean Food Primer that empowered and nourished all of us be in the present, embrace healthy choices, and share the journey – oh what a week in Pittsford, NY!


Heartfelt thanks to the entire breathe yoga community for welcoming me back into their kitchen, studio and lives. I can’t wait to return this fall to teach and share even more delicious clean food and inspiration for clean living.