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Dec 2

On being an entrepreneur.

I recently gave the keynote address at the 30 year anniversary of the Entrepreneurial Center at the University of Hartford and the 15 year anniversary of the Women in Business Center. Walking up to the podium, it was not at all lost on me that nearly any one of the entrepreneurs in the audience could have given as inspiring a presentation as I. How honored I was to have been selected.

I had been asked to share on three separate subjects – the first about my passion for eating clean, the second about my journey to becoming a best-selling author, and finally, “just a few tips” for success. The passion was easy to talk about, the journey flowed as smoothly, and the tips? Well, lets just say that one lead to another, and then another…and before I knew it, I had 19 tips to share! So at the request of many who attended this great event, below are my 19 tips for success. I hope they resonate with you, and I encourage you to please add your own insights in the comments below to inspire all of us.

Terry’s Tips for Success

1. Don’t give into fear.
Make that uncomfortable phone call. Write and send that letter you’ve hesitated to write. The very worst thing that can happen is you’ll laugh at yourself and learn from your mistake.

2. You don’t have to know it all…
…but accept what you don’t know and ask for help.

3. Surround yourself with community.
Build many network. We all need a variety of people in our corner, but especially those who make us defend our ideas, who challenge us, who remind us of our talents, who celebrate our accomplishments, and who pick us up when we’re down.

4. Don’t try to be something you’re not.
I’ll never forget the publisher who said “See this book? We’re going to make yours just like this one, and down here after your name, we’ll put all of your letters!” I instantly froze. “Letters? I have no letters!” It’s okay. Don’t apologize for who you are. You’re message will resonate with your unique audience regardless of what letters you do or don’t have after your name.

5. Listen to your gut.
If I had not, today I would have a self-published cookbook called “InSeason in Terry’s Kitchen.” Cute, but no appeal beyond my own small community.

6. Think big and go for it.
You have nothing to lose.

7. Don’t worry about tomorrow.
Focus on doing the best you can today.

8. Breathe…
I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. My take on it is perhaps a little different. I believe that if you breathe in intention, then blow it out into the world, eventually, the world will start to reflect what’s in your heart.

9. Help others.
It feels good. My dad always told me, “You see the same people on the way up as you see on the way down.” I think about that often and let it guide me.

10. Similar to helping others…Give back.

11. Know your competition and set yourself apart.

12. Forget the competition and be authentic.

13. Exercise.
Move your body. Stay strong.

14. Always have non-work-related goals.
I ran my first marathon just weeks after I launched Clean Food. Every run I came home and thought to myself, “I just did something I never thought I could do.” That attitude spilled into every other aspect of my life.

15. Eat clean.
For a healthy body, focused mind and positive outlook.

16. Do what you love and what you believe in.
Or, as I tell my children…find the thing that rocks your world. When you do, you’ll be successful.

17. Believe in yourself.
If you don’t, nobody else will. If you do, everyone else will too.

18. Value yourself.
No matter how passionate about it you are, it’s business. Expect to be paid for the value you give. I promise you, your lawyer will.

19. Finally, balance isn’t about doing it all, it’s about choosing the things that are most important, and making the most out of the path you’ve chosen.

My girls learned more watching their mom turn her passion into a career, follow her heart, value herself and make hard choices, than they ever would have from my being home with them 24/7. I didn’t take care of their every need, but as a result, they learned to cook for themselves, and take care of many of the things that I had previously attended to. These are hard choices that everyone makes differently. What’s important is to make the choice that works for you, then don’t judge or punish yourself for making it.

Here’s to an inspiring journey, and to much clean food and good health along the way.

Eat clean live well!

Terry Walters

Nov 23

EATING CLEAN TO LIVE WELL | Guest Blog on | November 23, 2015

Sarah-Brassard-Logo2 | November 23, 2015
This guest blog post comes from Terry Walters, best-selling cookbook author. I have been a long-time fan of Terry’s, and I am incredibly honored to share the second of two guests posts written by her for It’s Occurred to Me in honor of Thanksgiving. I hope these thoughts change the way you think about food. Terry’s latest book, Eat Clean Live Well, is available now.


Kale is not the answer…but it certainly reflects the question I get asked the most. “What is the best thing I can include in my diet to be healthy?” If only it were that easy.

With so many advances and so much knowledge in the realm of food and nutrition, it feels like we should “get it” already. The perfect diet should be easy to figure out. Good health…guaranteed! And yet, sometimes it feels like the more we know, the further we move from the truth.

The components of “clean” are well known and supported – eat all of the colors of the rainbow and all five tastes, know the source of your food and buy local (or grow your own) when possible, and eat a variety of foods and not too much of any one. But for all that we know and do, we are no healthier for it.

What have we forgotten along the way? For the answer, I turn to my mother’s kitchen. There I can remember anxiously anticipating dinner, feeling my mouth water and my stomach grumble, the ritual of setting the table, the coming together of my whole family to share the meal, and the connection and conversation that we all craved at the end of the day. The food was the vehicle that brought us together, but the nourishment came from so much more than the meal.

For all of the diets and trends that elevate some foods to super-food status and relegate whole food groups to the equivalent of evil, we continue to miss the point. Good health does not come from the foods alone, but from the habits around the foods as well. We can certainly create imbalance by eating poorly, but that same imbalance is fueled by how we eat as much as by what we eat. I would argue that the one most important piece missing from our diets and keeping us from achieving good health and balance is time.

Time to learn about the different foods available, time to prepare healthy food, time to sit and eat our meals without distraction, to chew, to digest, to appreciate, to savor, to enjoy, to connect, to listen… There are no short cuts to good health, and there is no new approach that can compensate for all that is lost when we sacrifice nutrition for convenience. With so much stress and so much rushing from one thing to the next, we could improve our health without even changing what we eat if we only just slowed down and took the time to breathe, make healthy choices, and nourish ourselves. That is my secret ingredient, and I suspect if we all embraced it just a little more, if we slowed down long enough to breathe deeply and lock in our positive intentions, than we could better embrace our clean food diet and the good health and wellness that it manifests.

Eat clean live well,


Nov 17

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