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Jul 28

Out of Clean Food Hibernation

There is a new clean food cookbook on the horizon, and you’re not going to have to wait too much longer to enjoy it! Yes, that third book that has been in the works ever since the launch of Clean Start in 2010 is at last complete, and will launch on November 1, 2014! Allow me to introduce you to…

ECLW_FrontCover_071614_smallFor months I have been completely immersed in creating and perfecting recipes and writing about lifestyle tips for sustainable good health. With more than 175 new recipes and almost 225 photos, I am to-the-moon excited about this cookbook and clean living guide, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

When I finally pressed “send” on the final piece of the book just last week and visited my own website, I was horrified to discover how long it’s been since my last blog post. I owe you a huge apology for being MIA these past months, but also a enormous thank you for being part of this journey and this project. Your emails and requests were all taken to heart, as I wrote recipes for some of your favorites (from Kitchari to Carrot Cake) and even included whole sections on clean food breakfasts and making clean food kid-friendly! I’m telling you, this book is jam-packed with delicious recipes and information that are sure to inspire your clean food life!

November 1 just can’t come soon enough!

As the big day gets closer, there will be giveaways and exciting events announced here on my blog. In the meantime, I will return to regular blogging (I promise!) and can’t thank you enough for being part of this clean food community.

Eat clean. Live well!

Terry Walters



May 2

Signs of Spring

I can hardly remember the last time I did not need to wear my warm jacket, run the heat inside my home or wear mittens and a hat on my morning run. And yet, last week, perfectly synchronized with Earth Day, the world around me awakened.

First came the rhubarb, then hard neck garlic pushing through the frozen soil, the chives, the violets in the yard and today, at last, glorious ramps. My garden calls out, every day showing more signs of life and begging me to start seeds. But cold rainy days continue to chill to the core and dissuade me from turning my efforts outside just yet. On a few occasions, I have felt heat radiating from the compost pile, and in my heart, I know that summer’s sun will be here soon enough.


Thank goodness for these signs of spring that remind me that it is, indeed, here. The coming days will be longer, lighter and hopefully warmer. In the meantime, my spirits are lifted knowing that phlox will soon bloom into a bed of purple flowers, the fiddleheads will be prime for picking and I will be able to open the windows and breathe in the clean fresh air of spring.

How will YOU celebrate its arrival?

Whatever the season, may you always Eat clean. Live well.

Terry Walters


Mar 18

Lunch at the Shop

I have been craving Peter Miller’s debut book, Lunch at the Shop, as if it were an ounce of the finest dark chocolate. Now that it is here, it is I who is melting into it, lost in the stories of food and foraging that define Seattle’s fresh food scene, and enraptured by the wit and heart that will make you adore Peter Miller as much as I do.

My most recent visit to Seattle will forever be defined in my mind by my time with Peter. During the day, he led me through Pike’s Place Market, introduced me to every vendor (each his longtime friend), taught me how and where to buy wine, explained the history of his favorite restaurants, chefs and their families… and instead of giving me directions to my next destination, he walked me there. Before parting ways, Peter suggested a late afternoon walk, and then insisted I join him and and his wife Colleen for dinner.


It is not often I meet someone as warm and caring, someone who appreciates life and takes time… no, makes time… to breathe it all in. Now you can have the privilege of sharing his company too. Lunch at the Shop will warm your heart, make you laugh and make you fall in love with the very idea of preparing and sharing a meal. Should you decide to treat yourself to Lunch at the Shop, I promise you will be as nourished by it as by any meal.


Share your favorite lunchtime ritual, recipe or story to be entered into a raffle for a signed copy of Lunch at the Shop, and may you always…

Eat clean and live well.

Terry Walters