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Sep 3

The Secret to Healthy Snacking

I’d be lying if I blamed back-to-school for making snacking a new issue in my home. In truth, it’s a challenge 365 days of the year, and the kids aren’t the only ones who struggle to make good choices when it comes to snacking.

As soon as someone utters the word “snacks,” I instantly think of chips, dips, crackers, bars, pretzels, drinks…and of course there’s the uber-salty, sweet, highly processed foods that fill the “snacks” aisle of almost every grocery store. Without a doubt, if that’s what I kept in my house, that’s exactly what would be eaten!

The trick to healthy snacking is to make nutritious foods in advance. If they’re easy to grab, they will be. I call it The Cucumber Phenomenon. Every year, my garden produces more cucumbers than we know what to do with. The kids get so sick of cucumbers, they refuse to eat even one more. At the mere suggestion of cutting up a cucumber, I get moans and dirty looks. And yet, peel and slice a cucumber, set it up nicely on a plate with dip for when the kids get home from school… and they devour it with no hesitation. It works with just about any prepared food, whether made fresh for this very purpose, or pulled together from last night’s dinner.

Recently, my family has been snacking on a new recipe from EAT CLEAN. LIVE WELL. (due out 11/1) – Peach, Avocado and Forbidden Rice Nori Rolls! Follow the recipes as is, or substitute your own favorite combination of rice and vegetables for endless combinations!


And when you’re ready for even more, here are 20 nutritious snacks ideas as inspiration for healthy snacking. I’ve included some links to my recipes that have been featured on this and other sites over the years, and many are featured in my books… so it’s time to start flipping through the pages!

  1. Cut-up raw veggies and salad dressing
  2. Cut-up raw veggies and bean dips (hummus, black bean dip, cannelloni bean dip…)
  3. Summer rolls (wrap up grated raw vegetables with pesto or dip in a soft summer roll)
  4. Burritos (rice, beans, avocado, salsa, lettuce…)
  5. Burrito pizzas (put a little pesto on a burrito, top it with last night’s sautéed greens and broil)
  6. Roasted veggie dip (run last night’s roasted veggies through the food processor with olive oil and spices)
  7. Soups…any and all varieties welcome
  8. Fruit crisp (Place sliced fruit in casserole, top with rolled oats mixed with coconut oil and maple syrup, bake and serve.)
  9. Baked sweet potatoes
10. Nutritious cookies, bread, muffins and cakes (zucchini, banana, carrot…)
11. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables (kale chips, beet chips, root veggie chips, crispy chickpeas, fruit leather, banana chips, dried apple rings…)
12. Lacto-fermented pickles and dilly beans
13. Nuts and seeds (and combinations of such as trail mix)
14. No-bake nut and seed bars
15. Cut-up seasonal fruit and berries
16. Peanut or sunflower butter on celery or apples
17. Homemade granola (with homemade almond milk)
18. Sugar snap peas (in season)
19. Smoothies (vegetables, fruit, cacao and nut butters are all yummy add-ins)
20. Leftovers. any. period.

Let’s keep this conversation going. Share YOUR favorite healthy snacks, because who knows where the next go-to snack idea will come from! And as always…

Terry Walters


Aug 14

Pinch me!

I’ve been buried in the stacks of printer’s proofs of Eat Clean Live Well (ECLW) this past week and am bleary-eyed as a result.


To give my eyes a rest, I took a break earlier today and visited BN.com to see what’s new… because looking at your computer screen is exactly how you want to give your eyes a rest… ;-)

Well… what’s new is my book! That’s right. Eat Clean Live Well is now officially available for preorder! And if that doesn’t make this latest adventure real, nothing does!

So if you’re starting to think about new clean food recipes for the fall, how you’re going to preserve the harvest, delving into lacto fermentation and so much more, now you can preorder ECLW and look forward to it arriving on your doorstep hot off the press! And if you’re just as excited to share it with friends and family as I am to share it with YOU, then you may want to take care of your holiday gift-giving at the same time!

As always, eat clean and live well!

Terry Walters

Jul 28

Out of Clean Food Hibernation

There is a new clean food cookbook on the horizon, and you’re not going to have to wait too much longer to enjoy it! Yes, that third book that has been in the works ever since the launch of Clean Start in 2010 is at last complete, and will launch on November 1, 2014! Allow me to introduce you to…

ECLW_FrontCover_071614_smallFor months I have been completely immersed in creating and perfecting recipes and writing about lifestyle tips for sustainable good health. With more than 175 new recipes and almost 225 photos, I am to-the-moon excited about this cookbook and clean living guide, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

When I finally pressed “send” on the final piece of the book just last week and visited my own website, I was horrified to discover how long it’s been since my last blog post. I owe you a huge apology for being MIA these past months, but also a enormous thank you for being part of this journey and this project. Your emails and requests were all taken to heart, as I wrote recipes for some of your favorites (from Kitchari to Carrot Cake) and even included whole sections on clean food breakfasts and making clean food kid-friendly! I’m telling you, this book is jam-packed with delicious recipes and information that are sure to inspire your clean food life!

November 1 just can’t come soon enough!

As the big day gets closer, there will be giveaways and exciting events announced here on my blog. In the meantime, I will return to regular blogging (I promise!) and can’t thank you enough for being part of this clean food community.

Eat clean. Live well!

Terry Walters