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Jun 8


Breathe – it was my destination as well as the theme for the week. Reconnecting with friends and family, running along the canal, steamy vinyasa yoga, and most importantly, two kitchen-packed Clean Food Cooking Classes, and one powerful Clean Food Primer that empowered and nourished all of us be in the present, embrace healthy choices, and share the journey – oh what a week in Pittsford, NY!


Heartfelt thanks to the entire breathe yoga community for welcoming me back into their kitchen, studio and lives. I can’t wait to return this fall to teach and share even more delicious clean food and inspiration for clean living.



May 3

A Facebook Birthday

Whether you’re a fan of Facebook or not, the reality is undeniable. No matter how you choose to spend your birthday (or any day), when the day is done and you check in to see what happened on your page, it’s impossible not to feel joy from the outpouring of greetings, messages and best wishes from friends near and far.

For this most recent birthday, I luxuriated in time with friends and family, dined on amazing food, and was showered with love and sentiments that overwhelmed me with tears and joy (for example, this homemade book from my daughter).


It is very easy to skim over your news feed each day and feel empty or lacking in comparison. But it is just as easy to “like” someone’s post, to connect with them in the simplest of ways and to spread positive energy. Going just one step further and taking the time to say something nice spreads an invaluable amount of good will, nourishment and happiness. If that were to become contagious, just maybe there would be more happiness and peace in the world. I know there was for me on this past birthday.

Heartfelt thanks to all who brightened my big day.

Eat clean live well!

Terry Walters

Mar 31

The Art of Retreat

Making one positive change to your diet has the power to improve your health. Making many can change your life.


Scenes from Copper Beech Institute

Committing to a retreat is not about learning everything about the subject at hand, discovering definitives, or changing who you are and adapting a different way. It is about removing oneself from daily life just enough to slow down, look within, and discover the answers that are already inside of you. That is exactly what we did at my recent Clean Food and Sustainable Good Health retreat at Copper Beech Institute in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Over the course of the weekend, we moved from setting intentions for the future, to looking within and mindfulness in each moment. We were nourished by each other’s support and wisdom; we stretched ourselves to consider a bounty of new foods and food combinations; we cooked together; and we shared much delicious and nutritious food. Together, we tapped into our inherent understanding and creativity and empowered each person, myself included, to better navigate the landscape of eating clean and living well.


(Clockwise from top left) Intentions, Greens, Produce, Blend-Your-Own Teas.


Student Creations – Chickpea Dip, Vegetable Soup with Indian Spices, Red Lentil Dip, Mango and Watercress Salad.

Copper Beech Institute offers a place of quite contemplation, beautiful grounds for connecting with nature, and a welcoming and supportive community for renewal, growth and transformation. Heartfelt thanks to all who participated and made this program such a success, and all who reached out requesting more similar programs. I will have more details on future events soon! In the meantime, I hope this glimpse into our Clean Food Retreat inspires you to make mindful, healthy choices and…

Eat clean live well!

Terry Walters