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Mar 18

Lunch at the Shop

I have been craving Peter Miller’s debut book, Lunch at the Shop, as if it were an ounce of the finest dark chocolate. Now that it is here, it is I who is melting into it, lost in the stories of food and foraging that define Seattle’s fresh food scene, and enraptured by the wit and heart that will make you adore Peter Miller as much as I do.

My most recent visit to Seattle will forever be defined in my mind by my time with Peter. During the day, he led me through Pike’s Place Market, introduced me to every vendor (each his longtime friend), taught me how and where to buy wine, explained the history of his favorite restaurants, chefs and their families… and instead of giving me directions to my next destination, he walked me there. Before parting ways, Peter suggested a late afternoon walk, and then insisted I join him and and his wife Colleen for dinner.


It is not often I meet someone as warm and caring, someone who appreciates life and takes time… no, makes time… to breathe it all in. Now you can have the privilege of sharing his company too. Lunch at the Shop will warm your heart, make you laugh and make you fall in love with the very idea of preparing and sharing a meal. Should you decide to treat yourself to Lunch at the Shop, I promise you will be as nourished by it as by any meal.


Share your favorite lunchtime ritual, recipe or story to be entered into a raffle for a signed copy of Lunch at the Shop, and may you always…

Eat clean and live well.

Terry Walters

Mar 12

FLIK Embraces Clean Food

“I’d like to introduce you to our celebrity guest chef…”

Every time I heard it said, I turned to see who was there. While this is not at all how I think of myself, I was nevertheless thrilled for the opportunity to be part of this progressive food service effort and to connect with so many who share my passion for eating clean.

Partnering with FLIK International, one of the leaders in food service management, is truly inspiring as they too make eating fresh, locally sourced and healthy clean food paramount. FLIK’s food service offered a rainbow of color, locally sourced foods and abundant options for seemingly every taste and dietary restriction. And the behind the scenes was even more impressive as I saw firsthand their dedication to thorough recipe testing and nutritional analysis, signage to educate and enable consumers to make healthy choices, and finally, to connecting their customers to the food and the chefs who prepare it. Knowledge, empowerment and connection – that’s what eating clean is all about!


Chef Gino prepared an incredible selection of clean food recipes from both of my books and even previewed a few of my new recipes due out in November in book 3.  The menu included Polenta Pizzas, Roasted Cauliflower Steaks over Cumin Scented Lentils, Tahini Mustard Glazed Carrots, Wild Rice with Dried Prunes and Fennel, Watercress Daikon and Avocado Salad with Cumin and Lime, Raw Kale Confetti Salad and even Kale Smoothies!

It was an honor to be featured as FLIK’s Celebrity Guest Chef yesterday in Boston and a thrill to see my recipes so enthusiastically enjoyed by all. My sincere thanks to all who made it such a wonderful day – from the chefs, nutritionists and executives to all of the welcoming and engaging employees who happily dined on clean food.

Eat clean live well!

Terry Walters


Mar 4

The Promised Recipe

Who remembers this photo that was posted on the CLEAN FOOD Facebook page last week?


If you’ve been following the journey on Facebook or here on my blog, you know that I’ve been completely immersed in recipe testing for book three. I’m excited about sharing all of these new recipes with you when the book comes out in November; but in the meantime, THIS recipe was just too yummy to keep to myself.

So… I’m making good on my promise: click here to find my new Crunchy Quinoa and Cabbage Salad! It’s from the Summer section, but most of the ingredients are available now, and you can always leave out the cherry tomatoes until August (it WILL be August soon, won’t it?).

Enjoy this preview of one of many new recipes that I hope will be among your favorites, and as always…

Eat Clean Live Well.

Terry Walters