Mar 30

Organic Seedling Sale

Local CT friends!

Jump-start your vegetable garden at Sub Edge Farm’s organic
seedling sale starting SATURDAY, MAY 12 | 10am – 6pm.

Sale will continue Tuesdays-Saturdays in the month of May.

Sub Edge offers certified organic transplants for your garden for
sale at our farm-shop including heirloom tomatoes, peppers,
eggplant and more garden favorites.

Sub Edge Farm | 99 Town Farm Road | Farmington, CT









Mar 19

Crazy for Kombucha!

Start With Black Tea For a Delicious Fermented Treat

I had the pleasure of hanging out with James Beard Finalist Cookbook Author, Terry Walters, as we sipped homemade kombucha. We sat in her kitchen on a sunny, but frigid March afternoon amid the homey chaos of her busy family.  Her daughter is home from college. I couldn’t help but get excited that my daughter, Daisy, is having her spring break next week too. She will be visiting from my alma mater, the University of Oregon. She loves kombucha. I’m making a big batch just for her to enjoy when she gets here.

Did you know that the very first step in making kombucha is brewing black tea?

Terry tried some of Culteavo’s high quality, organic, loose leaf English Breakfast Tea. “First off, I love the tea canister. The air-tight double seal is so great, “ shared Terry. We compared her typical, go to tea bags with Culteavo’s loose leaf tea. “This is just a better tea.
It just smells more fresh, and you can see it’s a better tea just by looking at it.”

Terry used the Culteavo Organic English Breakfast Tea to make a batch of kombucha and she invited me over to taste it with her. We were both impressed with how sweet it was.  It had the bite that we love from the fermented beverage, and it was also well balanced and sweet.

Click through for Terry’s recipe for making this trendy and healthy macrobiotic beverage for yourself at home. The trick, however, is that you need to start with a scoby. A scoby is a slimy, fermented, fungus. You can buy it on-line, get it from a friend or just take one of Terry’s fermentation classes in Avon, CT. Everyone who takes a class gets to go home with a scoby of their own. I named mine Scooby the scoby. Here’s a photo of my fermenting kombucha using Culteavo tea.

Thanks again to Terry Walters for sharing your kombucha expertise. I look forward to any other tea related recipes she may have for us in the future.

Dec 12

The Magic of Flour, Sugar and Butter

I have an entire career devoted to sharing the benefits of eating clean, but every holiday season I am equally as awed by three magical ingredients – white flour, white sugar and butter.

These ingredients may or may not ever make it to our holiday table. However, in ten days, when my family is at last all under the same roof again, those ingredients will most definitely bring healing, nourishment and joy.

Both of my girls have talent in the kitchen, but when they make holiday cookies together, we get so much more than something delicious to eat. For hours, my two girls work in harmony, attending to every detail, two very different girls working as one. There is no competition, no winner, no difference…just sisters. Happy, content, connected, and at peace. White flour, sugar and butter…three not-so-clean ingredients I’m grateful for this holiday season.

Wishing you much nourishment, joy, and time shared with family and friends – and all that flour, sugar and butter can bring – this holiday season and always.

Eat clean live well,