Monthly Archives: September 2009

“Gotta Run”

That’s what the bumper sticker on my car says. And I suppose, it’s a bit like a mantra for me. I eat CLEAN to exercise my body. I work to exercise my passion. And, I run to exercise my mind. I know it sounds a bit mixed up, but I promise it’s the truth! CLEAN […]

Daily Grommet

Web and video review of CLEAN FOOD with Terry greeting the Daily Grommet team at the book launch at Union Square Market in New York! CLEAN PLATE Ever feel like it’s impossible to really change the way you eat? CLEAN FOOD can help you get over that hurdle. More than just a cookbook, CLEAN […]

KATU-2 TV – Live Cooking Demo

Title: KATU-2 TV – Live Cooking DemoLocation: Portland, ORDescription: KATU-2 TV AM Northwest, live cooking demo. (segment between 9:12-9:30am PST) Start Time: 9:12Date: 2009-09-25End Time: 9:30