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Web and video review of CLEAN FOOD with Terry greeting the Daily Grommet team at the book launch at Union Square Market in New York!



Ever feel like it’s impossible to really change the way you eat? CLEAN FOOD can help you get over that hurdle.

More than just a cookbook, CLEAN FOOD is a guide to making healthy choices. Terry Walters teaches readers about the benefits of choosing living plants, not processed food, and eating close to the source — meaning food travels fewer steps to get from where it was grown to your table. She’s passionate about making a commitment to naturally grown foods, not only for ourselves but also for the environment.

With CLEAN FOOD, Terry provides a road map to preparing delicious, nourishing meals.The cookbook is organized by season, which makes it easy to choose recipes that feature fruits and vegetables in their prime and readily available — mango salsa for summertime, for instance, or roasted squash with fennel and asparagus for fall. Clean Food also shares year-round recipes, like Terry’s decadent peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. (Most of the recipes are vegan, but you can add a little protein if you want.)

It’s not easy to break the habit of eating processed foods — let’s face it, they’re convenient. Fresh foods can seem harder to find and more daunting to prepare, but Terry makes it easy to enjoy the rewards of better eating.


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