Sep 7

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day may not mark the official end of summer, but I always feel a distinct shift around this weekend, and never more than this year as the week leading up to the holiday was a frenzy of excitement and a vivid display of yin and yang.

Here’s how this week went:

CLEAN FOOD launched on Tuesday morning and by Wednesday, had miraculously climbed its way up the top seller list on the Barnes & Noble website all the way to number one. Please pinch me – I simply must be dreaming!

Around noon that same day, I found myself at the end of my driveway greeting my neighbor as she excitedly awaited the school bus for her first day of kindergarten. After 4 months of intensive chemotherapy and radiation, she was so excited that she could barely stand still and she wore a smile from ear to ear.

By Thursday, my inbox was quickly filling with emails from people I knew well, but never imagined they knew of me. My world grew exponentially, while at the same time, the governor passed a budget that significantly cut funds – specifically $100,000 that had been earmarked for the organic urban farm so near to my heart – Urban Oaks.

And as the week wrapped up, the matriarch of my husband’s family – a woman of strength, love and grace – passed at the age of 97. In the twenty two years I have known this woman, I have never heard anything but reverence and praise for her, for how she raised her family and how she lived her life.

This Labor Day weekend I honor these two courageous people – one at the start of her life, the other at the end. As I continue on in my journey, I hope that I can do so with as much grace, strength, wisdom and kindness as these two have shown. And, I continue to work to create a platform for bringing together our communities and our farmers to create a food chain that is sustainable and healing – to our bodies, our communities and our land. Perhaps these intentions are the “Labor” that we are each supposed to reflect upon this holiday weekend.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your overwhelming outpouring of support. My heart is full and my soul is nourished by the many reminders of the joy that has been my journey to this point. None of this would be possible or even worth it without you.

Eat Clean Live Well.
Terry Walters


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    Well said Terry! Continued success with the book and all your efforts. Tom @ MJ

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