Jan 21

A Family Tradition – Winemaking

I recently stopped by to visit a couple of friends. When I entered their home, I was delighted by the scene in front of me! There were Myra and Tom bottling their own homemade wine. This tradition, passed down from Tom’s grandfather, brings their entire family (all generations) together twice a year – once to crush the grapes and make the wine, and the second time to celebrate the results and separate their share.

I arrived just in time to learn how to bottle and cork. While the process can be somewhat tedious, it was much fun sharing it with Tom and Myra. Of course, the whole thing was made even more fun by the seemingly endless glass of wine that I “tasted!”


So many of us have traditions and routines around food and drink that nourish the body, as well as the heart and soul. If you have a tradition unique to your family, share it here. You never know what will inspire someone else to start a tradition of their own!

To your good health – body, mind and soul!

Terry Walters


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