Apr 2

Honoring New Beginnings

I’m frequently asked how to get children to eat clean and my first response is to consider letting go of the need to get the food into the children, and focus on educating them how to make healthy choices and teaching by example. As a parent, I learned long ago that my children would learn more from what I do, than what I say. And yet, in this first week of spring, the tables were turned on me and it was my children who were teaching me by their example.

Appropriate to the season of birth and renewal, my oldest daughter spent the weekend living out of her teacher’s barn right next to the pen where her beloved goat was expected to kid. Through bone-chilling evenings, down-pouring rain and stalking coyotes, she waited patiently for three days for Annie to kid. All on her own, late Monday morning, mama Annie gave birth to two precious all-white goats – lovingly named Apollo and Stella.

Stella - one hour old!

Stella – one hour old!

I arrived an hour after the goats were born and witnessed my daughter in sheer bliss as she cleaned and snuggled with the babies, helped care for the mama goat, insured that the kids latched on and nursed, cleaned the stall and so much more. She was glowing like a new mother, and so focused on the activity in the barn that it was as if nothing else in the world mattered or even existed, and it was that mindfulness and presence that was the greatest lesson of all. I’m not suggesting that we all witness the birth of a baby goat (although if you ever have the chance, I do recommend it!), but rather that birth and renewal are all around us every day, and we’d be well served to take the time to stop, be present and participate.


Getting a healthy start.

Getting a healthy start.

I have my daughter to thank for that reminder, and plan to take a little more time each day to breathe in and be nourished by the life around me.

Wishing you renewal of spirit and hope no matter what holiday you celebrate this spring.

Eat Clean Live Well!

Terry Walters



  1. Posted April 3, 2010 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

    I agree with this post and have done that this weekend. I feel renewed, calmer and more connected. Sometimes we think things are bigger than they are until we step back and realize nothing is that big of a deal. Time to renew and refresh. Thanks again.

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    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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