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Dear Friends, Every year at this time I find myself looking back thinking, “Wow, what a year this has been!” There were hard times, challenges and even losses along the way, but through it all I have been blessed to share this journey with an incredible community of family and friends. Thanks to each and […]


Download PDFCLEAN START | Winter | Page 129 YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THIS VERSATILE SPREAD! Enjoy it as an appetizer or a snack on a rice cracker, thin it with water or orange juice for a savory marinade, or spread it on a rice tortilla, top with sautéed chard and broil for a yummy gourmet […]

The Original

When it comes to making healthy choices, knowledge is perhaps the most powerful and empowering tool. For me, today was about passing that knowledge on to my oldest daughter. Together we toured the halls of my alma matter, talked to current students and discovered just how much a place and a person (namely, me!) can […]