Feb 22

How do I know…

…if I’m getting enough protein?

…if I should consider being gluten-free?

…if my symptoms are food related?

When it comes to determining the best diet for you, the process can be daunting. Books flood our stores with approaches by authors who have figured it out, but will their approach work for you? Not necessarily. Just like shopping for clothing, some items will fit well, others not at all, but a trip to the tailor can make your clothes – and your diet – fit you to a T!

This past weekend, as I was teaching at The Chopping Block in Chicago, this very topic came up. While there are some truths that apply to us all, determining your unique constitution can be a never-ending, but well worth-while process. Checking in with your daily routine, being accountable for the food and drink you bring in as fuel, and paying attention to your physical and emotional well-being can often be served by keeping a journal. This is not something you have to be a slave to day in and day out, but journaling can be particularly useful when you’re out of balance, when you’re experiencing changes, or simply just to check in with the idea of fine-tuning what you’re doing for optimum energy and good health.

Most importantly, this is your trip to the tailor and your journal, so be honest and thorough. Look for the patterns and the connections to what you ate before the headache came on, or how you fueled your morning before your energy crashed in the afternoon… the more you include – from the foods you eat to the way you feel, to your digestion, your moods, your energy and your sleep – the more insight you’ll gain into creating the diet that is just right for you!

Here’s to an insightful journalling experience, and to eating clean and living well!



  1. Posted February 23, 2011 at 9:15 am | Permalink

    Thanks Terry. I have found this to be true. Although I am not a regular journaler, I do find the review of “good” days vs “bad” through my intake is very beneficial. I realized this in the past year when I ramped up my exercise routine. I would review the good workouts vs the bad and what my intake was, hydration, ect. I learned that my present, cleaner eating was the most beneficial with my workouts. Well, duh! I guess you might say that was an Ah Haa moment! Just ordered your books and can’t wait to get them!

  2. Posted February 24, 2011 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    Hi Sherry, I’ve had many Ah Haa moments from journaling as well – whether I’m journaling about my food choices, logging my running… It’s amazing what we can discover about ourselves when we’re forced to take a slightly more objective look! I also do not journal regularly, but find it particularly helpful at the change of seasons. For me, as a winter girl, I tend to struggle when the days get warmer and longer. Spring is the perfect time to journal, assess, cleanse…and make a clean start!

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    Terry, do you do any private health counseling via phone for those outside of CT?

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    Hi Kim, I do offer private health counseling via phone and will contact you off-line with more details. Thanks for your interest.

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