Mar 7

I should be planting seeds…

…but instead I’m headed to Boston (not a bad alternative)! A week ago my garden was covered in three feet of snow, but after last night’s driving rain left much of our area flooded, the earth has been revealed and it’s calling my name! My garden may be moderate in size, but there’s enough cleanup and prep between it and my compost pile to keep me very busy this spring! There will be more to come on planting and gardening for sure, but first thing’s first… in honor of National Nutrition Month, I”ll be at the Whole Foods Market in Dedham, MA this Friday, March 11, 2011, from 4:00 – 6:30 pm. In addition to signing cookbooks and talking shop, there will be two seasonal CLEAN START recipes for the tasting! Then on Saturday morning, March 12, 2011, join me on Newbury Street in Boston at KitchenWares for a CLEAN START demo and book signing from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. I hope to see you this weekend! Here’s to sharing the journey to Eat Clean Live Well!



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    The earth is calling my name too! Both dirt and pavement for planting and running! Yes, soon it will be spring!! 🙂

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    Oh No! I missed the book signing. Silly business trip had me in Dallas on Saturday, but I have both of your books and would have sent someone with them to get them signed! Do you have an email newsletter or something? Oh and although I have it already, #IWANTACLEANSTART for my mom! I can’t wait to get in the garden and can’t wait for your posts about it! I think your next book should incorporate more about gardening!!

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    Andrea – Gardening, composting, harvesting…are all working their way into the next book as we speak! Thanks for your interest and I’ll catch you the next time I’m in Beantown!

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    Today is the perfect day to garden! I looked at the bulbs I planted in the fall and some of them have sprouted! Spring has sprung! I cant wait to start my little herb garden. Maybe I’ll also do tomatoes again this summer…..

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    #IWantACleanStart by getting a CSA for my family. There are many options around Boulder, CO but I chose one that allows us to go to the farm to pick up our share. I want my daughters to experience and explore where their food comes from. Added bonus, occasional dinners on the farm for CSA shareholders and member harvest days! Can’t wait for June!
    We are also going to build some square foot gardens so that we can explore producing our own food. I am going to dedicate one garden box so my daughters can have their own space to plant, tend, and harvest.

    By the way, your recipes are divine. My soup-hating 4 year old ate an entire bowl of golden split pea soup without any urging. That is HUGE in my book! Thank you.

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    Hillary, please thank you 4-year old son for me! Now THAT’s an honor!!!

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