Apr 22

Honoring the Greatest Mother of All

This Earth Day, I honor not only Mother Earth, but our place on her. I awakened to the sun slowly rising through the trees and shining in my bedroom window. I put on my running gear and headed out with my dog and a friend for a run along the river and through the woods. Upon returning home, we broke in the new Vitamix making its first green smoothie. And, the seeds are next on the list as we get ready to plant the greens and root veggies in the garden we turned and prepared last weekend. The day is young, the possibilities are limitless, and there is another day tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…

Thank you to my dear friend Andy for sharing this sweet poem he found in his mother’s old autograph book, and I am sharing it today in honor of Earth Day, and in remembrance of another great mother, Maxine Brown.

If I were a head of cabbage, And I were split in two, I'd give my leaves to others, But give my heart to you. 1/30/41

Thank you Mother Earth for all of these gifts.

Happy Earth Day to all!


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