Jul 12

Breathe, Eat, Play, Repeat!

Just crossing the state line I feel the difference. Everything relaxes – my breath, my shoulders… every muscle in my face softens and life feels easier as I take in the beauty of the rolling mountain views and make the journey along this highway I’ve traveled at least a hundred times before.

Looking out over the Mad River Valley

I assure you, Vermonters have the same concerns as the rest of us. And, add long tough winters to the mix and the living is anything but easy. However, as an outsider looking in on this beautiful state with one magnificent, billboard-free view after another, I find myself convinced that this is most certainly heaven on earth. And after spending countless vacations here, I’ve learned that the key to a good life is simply to go out and live it.

I’ve often feared that if I moved to Vermont permanently I might lose this place as my escape. But talking recently with a local I was assured that I would definitely bring all my stress here with me, but then, almost miraculously, I would let go of it. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

A hiking trail in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Perhaps if everyone had a backyard like this they’d be even more motivated to hike, ski, snowshoe, bike, canoe, kayak… We could trade in our gym memberships, our hours in front of the computer or television, and the isolation and exhaustion that result from our endless running and burning the candle at both ends. In return, we would be nourished by the great outdoors and our souls would be fed with connection – to community, to the land and to the most important purpose of all, peace and well-being.

No matter where you find yourself this summer, may you find a place where you can let go and reconnect with the people, places and activities that nourish you. Perhaps it will be in Vermont, or simply in your heart.

To your well-being, and to eating clean and living well.


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  1. Posted July 26, 2011 at 3:55 pm | Permalink

    SO tempting! I dream about it too, sometimes. Then I remember how harsh the Boston winters are and cringe at the thought of losing any more minutes of sunlight in those long, cold, winter months. New England summer home, anyone? *sigh* maybe one day…

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