Sep 8

The State of Vermont

Too numerous to count have been my Facebook posts from the Waitsfield Farmers Market — from my bike looking out over the Mad River Valley, from the slopes of Sugarbush and Mad River Glen, the rocks at Warren Falls and the shops on Bridge Street. From swimming holes to reservoirs to mountaintops and covered bridges, there is no denying that Vermont has its own heartbeat — it’s own state of mind.

Today, facing unfathomable destruction in the wake of Irene, I am reminded of just how special that Vermont state of mind is. Across the state, communities have come together to save their neighbors and themselves in an enormous labor of the heart. Hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers collecting, transporting, shoveling and even going door to door to make sure all are safe…and the work has just begun. It will be weeks, months and even years before life appears back to normal in Vermont, and many will wear these scars forever.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can support Vermont’s Hurricane Irene clean-up and restoration efforts, here are a few sites to get you started:

Mad River Valley Hurricane Irene on Facebook

The Mad River Valley Community Fund

Friends of the Mad River Valley

The Valley Reporter

Irene Relief for Waterbury Vermont

Vermont Community Foundation

Sincere thanks to all for your thoughts and support for Vermont and Vermonters.

Eat clean live well,


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