Monthly Archives: October 2011

Food – The Holiday

Our national holidays celebrate the birthdays of great men who have formed our country (think Washington and King), days of remembrance for those who have served and those who tend to be taken for granted (Mother’s and Father’s), but how does food fit into this scenario? Is our newly coined National Food Day a sign […]

Local Farm Needs Your Support!

You’re a farmer planting your fields when the rain comes…but it doesn’t go away. You plant again and pray, because buying more seeds isn’t an option, and neither is hiring more labor. Hurricane Irene blows through and takes a toll. And then, out of nowhere, a car crashes through the wall of your office/farm stand […]

World Vegetarian Awareness Month

Who even knew there was such a month?! Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian or just plain you (my preferred approach to “diet”), there’s no denying that it’s simply more fun to share the journey, which is exactly what I did this past Saturday at Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza (GAP) Greenmarket. The truth is that […]