Monthly Archives: December 2011

Holiday Winners!

It may be winter outside, but it’s getting hot in the kitchen with the announcement of this week’s CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START winners! And they are… Lili U & Jennifer Thurman Sebestyen! Congratulations! There’s just one more week to enter to win your own copy of CLEAN FOOD or CLEAN START! All you need […]

A Sweet Distraction

Three spoons and one pint of NadaMoo Coconut Milk Ice Cream is how we celebrated the first night of Hanukah…and what a delicious celebration it was! Let’s face it. When someone asks you to taste test “Coconut Milk Non Dairy Frozen Dessert,” you definitely don’t say no – especially if you want to remain on […]

Two More Winners!!

If Pat Sajack can have an assistant, so can I! Drum roll please… And the winner is… If your name wasn’t drawn this week, there are still two more opportunities! Remember, it’s not enough to “like” a post. You have to either comment on one of my EAT CLEAN LIVE WELL blog entries, share a […]