Jun 5

Stirring Up Change

Learning, creating, confidence-building, working together, trying new things, tasting life and serving up a healthy dose of nourishment… that’s what Teen Battle Chef is all about, and Friday’s final competition between Avon, Granby and Farmington was no exception. With $75 and 75 minutes, each team shopped for and prepared two dishes to represent all they had learned about cooking and nutrition in this empowering after school program made possible by Family Cook Productions. How lucky am I to have been selected to be a judge and to share such enthusiasm for cooking healthy meals.

Students worked confidently, showcasing their newly learned knife skills and concocting spice blends worthy of top chefs. Their finished dishes ranged from paella and pan-seared lamb with ratatouille to fish stew and harissa-spiced carrot salad, and were all plated to impress. While Avon High School took home the first place trophy, all who attended could not help but leave feeling a renewed belief that positive changes in the way we cook and nourish ourselves are not only possible, but are happening right here in our own communities and with our own children leading the way.

There could be no better "secret ingredient" than baby kale!

I believe that our job as parents is not to get good food into our children, but to provide healthy options, to teach through our example and to empower them to make healthy choices. At Friday’s Teen Battle Chef, the tables were turned as these passionate and dedicated youth inspired all who attended to eat clean and live well!

Congratulations Teen Chefs!


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