Jul 26

Between The Rows of Corn and Grapes

Cycling by, I look out over the organized rows of grapes, the field of corn that serves as the backdrop, and the leanto-like farm stand that makes me wish I had a produce basket on my bike.

Rosedale Farms has changed over the years – now with a vineyard, new greenhouses, hydroponic greens and much more – but I still see it from the eyes of the little girl who used to help mom select ears of corn and native tomatoes when she could barely see over the tables on which they were displayed.

There’s no doubt that knowing your farmer is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the produce you want, but knowing the farm can be equally as empowering and inspiring. Walking around this farm, taking in the different crops, feeling the energy of a place and connecting with the intention and care that’s gone in to maintaining it are sure to give you a great appreciation of your farmer, not to mention the price of locally-grown, freshly-picked produce.

Rosedale Farms, Simsbury, Connecticut

That appreciation set the stage for a magnificent farm-to-table dinner at Rosedale Farms courtesy of the farm and Max Restaurant Group. This was a progressive dinner like no other and what better way to start than with a selection of Rosedale’s own wines served as you entered the farm. From there we moved into the fields for appetizers accompanied by RIPE cocktails (the Beet Basil Collins was something else!), and ended under the big tent in the middle of the farm with a locally-grown feast for all of your senses that included a beautiful sunset, live music, connection with community and of course, a farm-fresh-dinner prepared on location.

Terry with Max Restaurant Group's Chef Scott Miller

If you’re interested in experiencing this magic for yourself, there are dinners at Rosedale Farms throughout the season. Click here to visit their website and learn more. If you’re not local, a google search for “farm to table dinners (insert your home state here)” will give you just what you’re looking for. Or you can check out one that’s on my bucket list, “Outstanding in the Field” – a roving farm-to-table culinary experience featuring farms and locally grown tastes all over the country (and hopefully one of these days I’ll see you there).

Sun setting on our farm-to-table adventure.

A farm-to-table experience can be a dinner, a picnic, a harvest festival… No matter how you get there, be sure to make time this growing season to do more than meet the farmer. Take the time to see the fields, to connect with where your food comes from, and to appreciate all that goes in to creating a sustainable food system. One small walk between the rows of corn and grapes and you’ll savor every bite even more.

Eat clean live well!


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