Aug 30

The silver (or perhaps green) lining…

When Storm Alfred dumped over a foot of wet snow on our leafy trees, snapping many to the ground and taking out any electrical wires that got in the way, it was hard to imagine that any good could come of this local disaster. But alas, my garden is reaping the benefits of fewer trees and more sunshine. Every year I go at my garden with gusto, but rarely is my harvest consistent with my efforts…until now.

Alas, I have bowls upon bowls of tomatoes taking over my kitchen table waiting for a full day of roasting for tomato sauce. I have eaten so many cucumbers, I may start to resemble one. My herbs are transforming from plants to shrubs. The hot peppers are blowing my mind. And the tomatillos and husk tomatoes (ground cherries) are coming in droves! I may finally have the excuse I’ve been waiting for to purchase that dehydrator!

Lemon Thyme and Sage taking over!

Peppers — from mild to hot!

Lacinato 'Dinosaur' Kale

I’ve had my share of challenges for sure. There is a race going on to see who gets to eat the greens first – human or bug. The zucchini was great, but gone before we knew it. The Brussels sprouts have spectacular green foliage, but little else. And the cabbage, well…it’s not pretty.

Well, at least these greens are keeping the bugs away from my other plants!

But every time I walk out the back door, drive down the driveway, or think about what to have for the next meal, I’m filled with pride and joy.


Black-eyed Susans

Summer Savory

This one year alone warranted all the years of labor that preceded it and has me charged to fill in the gaps for fall with a new round of sugar snap peas, arugula, spinach and who knows what else!

Husk Tomatoes (Ground Cherries)

This message mysteriously appeared on a metal beam at my local Whole Foods. (The staff didn't notice until they saw me taking this photo!)

One thing is for sure. We are definitely blessed to be eating clean and living well this summer! I hope you are too!



  1. Posted August 30, 2012 at 1:21 pm | Permalink

    Terry your garden looks beautiful! What fabulous greens you have this year, so glad some good came of the storm last year. Your house must be smelling wonderful with all the delicious foods you make. Can’t believe the summer is almost over, hope you had a great one! Marcia

  2. Posted August 31, 2012 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    Looking forward to seeing you in class and sharing some of my home-grown produce with you again soon, Marcia!

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