Monthly Archives: December 2012

Setting Intentions for 2013

The holidays didn’t exactly go as I had planned this year. On Friday morning, just hours before my children arrived home for winter break, my body started to ache, my sinus filled, my eyes started to burn and my body temperature soared well over 100 degrees. The next morning, my family headed north on ski-cation […]

A Serving of Love.

The tragedy of Sandy Hook weighs heavy today, and my desire to blog wanes. And yet, a part of me wants nothing more than to connect with this nourishing community. My scheduled blog was to be about healthy snacking, but the topic now feels insignificant. I have been sitting here for what feels like hours […]


Sweet Potato, Corn and Kale Chowder Saturday Evening Post | December 17, 2012 CLEAN FOOD, Revised Edition | Fall | Page 168