Jan 25

A Taste of Something New

Thanks to all who joined me on last night’s Ustream live chat! From Texas to Calgary and many locales in between, we had a great turnout and started what I hope will become regular opportunities for us to talk clean and share the journey. This was a huge jump into new technology for me, and I appreciate everyone’s patience and feedback as I figured it out.

Here’s what I learned (so far):

1. I much prefer looking you in the eyes than looking at a dot on my computer! But I’ll get used to that, and it’s worth it if it allow us to connect.

2. I may be a top notch multitasker, but presenting and following a chat at the same time? That’s another story, but I’ll get used to that, too! Next time around lets go straight to your questions and make it a dialogue (and get rid of those pesky commercials, too).  This means a bit more watching me read, but more of your questions answered and content that is guaranteed to address your interests.

3. Connecting with you keeps me going….inspires me on my path, motivates me to create new recipes and share new information, and makes me grateful to be part of this clean food community.

Please share your thoughts as to what would make these chats work best for YOU. Are there topics in particular you would like to discuss or is an open Q&A best? Do you prefer seeing me through Ustream, or would a twitter chat work just as well? Your constructive feedback is most welcome and greatly appreciated.

And finally, as promised, click here to view my new Collard Green Rolls with Asian Dipping Sauce recipe.

Until next time…eat clean live well!



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