Jan 9

Closing in on Perfection.

Just before the self-published edition of CLEAN FOOD went to press, my father suggested that I skip printing it and instead become a performance artist. I had been through so many rounds of editing that I could literally recite the entire book. So when that first edition came out, I was certain there were no errors. Hah! Fortunately, two years later I had the opportunity to edit the book again for the Sterling Publishing edition. Then I was absolutely sure there were no errors…and of course, when I revised the book just one year ago…well, you get the gist.

Just when I was 100% positive that there were no errors in the new revised edition of CLEAN FOOD, my email inbox begged to differ! Thank you to those who wrote to me, bringing to my attention a problem with the Lentil Apple Walnut Loaf.* With this blog post, I’m coming clean… pun fully intended!

In order to make the lentil loaf recipe as foolproof as possible, I tested it well over a dozen times (it’s a good thing my family loves lentil loaf) and discovered that if you cook lentils using the exact same ratio of lentils to water… whether in a rice cooker or on the stove top… they’re likely to come out differently every time.

Here’s the solution. First, click here to get the correct version of this recipe. (If you already own CLEAN FOOD, you might want to print the recipe and insert it into your copy.) Then, as you follow the recipe, when you reach the point where you have to evaluate the consistency of your loaf, know that you’re looking to achieve a pasty lentil mixture that is moist enough to stick together, but not so moist that it doesn’t hold its shape. How long your lentils sit before being used, the variety of bread or rice crumbs used, how much heat you used to sauté your ingredients…all will influence your loaf’s moisture content, so understand that you may have to add a different amount of liquid each time you make it. Trust your instincts, know that it’s going to come out delicious regardless, and enjoy every bite!

I promise, I’ll never make a mistake in one of my books again. ; )

On a completely different note, be sure to check out my calendar here for a listing of Winter/Spring cooking classes and events… and who knows, the lentil loaf may very well show up in a class sometime soon!

Eat clean live well!





* Note: Lentil Apple Walnut Loaf appears on page 271 of the revised edition (2012) and on page 232 in the 2009 Sterling edition.


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