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‘Eat Clean Live Well’ Interview with Jill Buck Go Green Radio | May 31, 2013 As Terry Walters writes in the introduction to her book, CLEAN FOOD, “In this country, the topic of food is charged with emotion and controversy… our produce departments and grocery shelves are lined with…pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, chemical additives…stripping our […]

WTF…Vegan Food

Sitting in the green room watching Madonna’s trainer share with Lisa Oz her famous butt-burning workout, I couldn’t help but notice the cool shoes on the person next to me. I was in New York to shoot a clean food cooking segment for Lisa Oz’s new show due to launch soon on the Veria Network, […]

NUTRITION UNPLUGGED | Why Must We Label What We Eat?

Using CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START as prime examples (among others), Janet Helm, a nutrition journalist and registered dietitian (and mom of twins!) makes a case for not categorizing books or blogs… and most importantly, our food.  As she so aptly brings her ‘case’ to a close, ‘the magic is in the middle!’ Nutrition Unplugged | May […]