Monthly Archives: September 2013

Healthy School Lunches…in the make!

Things at the Thompson Brook School have never tasted better! We’re officially two weeks into our healthy school lunch pilot and everything feels new – from the menus to the presentation, recipe testing and most importantly, an abundance of fresh produce. Chef Tony’s homemade pizzas are a hit, as are the vegetable lasagne, black bean […]

Running is my clean food.

I have always been an athlete, but 10 years ago I started running and a year after that I started training for my first marathon. Every time I went out for a run I came home feeling as though I had accomplished something I once thought was impossible. And that sense of empowerment spilled into […]

Clean food in our public schools!

Well…almost. There’s a long road ahead before we can say that this new clean food lunch program is sustainable, but after a summer of brushing up on USDA guidelines, creating menus and attempting to understand all the pieces that make up the school lunch puzzle, today we launched our new food service pilot at Thompson […]