Sep 24

Healthy School Lunches…in the make!

Things at the Thompson Brook School have never tasted better! We’re officially two weeks into our healthy school lunch pilot and everything feels new – from the menus to the presentation, recipe testing and most importantly, an abundance of fresh produce.

Chef Tony’s homemade pizzas are a hit, as are the vegetable lasagne, black bean burritos, apple crisp, fajitas, Caprese sandwiches, rosemary roasted sweet potatoes with honey…. there are clearly too many favorites to list them all here!

Thompson School Update.jpg

The support of our teachers is overwhelming. One class is putting together a suggestion box, another is creating seasonal decorations for the lunch line, and there’s even talk of a contest to rename the cafeteria. But best of all, the teachers are buying lunch and leading the way by showing their students that our healthy food is equally as delicious as it is nutritious.

Every day the student become more adventurous. Meeting with each team (groups of 4-5 classes) has proven a great way to get student feedback and requests, and teach the basics of nutrition – from eating all the colors of the rainbow, to eating foods that come from green plants and not cement plants.

There are many more changes to come, but the incredible community-wide response keeps me showing up for my new food-service worker gig each morning! We need to provide more training, secure more frequent produce deliveries, fine-tune our budget and much more. There’s a long road ahead to make this sustainable, but we’re determined to succeed – no matter what it takes. All children deserve healthy, nutritious and delicious food.  May this be just the beginning.

Eating clean and living well at Thompson Brook School!

Terry Walters




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    I think this is fantastic; I wish my children had these healthy choices when they were in school. (My youngest just graduated from High School). I packed most of their lunches because my kids complained about the unhealthy food choices and also their lack of flavor too.
    I hope more schools follow your lead!

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    I hope so too, Lisa! I still pack lunches for my girls! Not a day goes by when they don’t remind me how much they wish this pilot was in their schools. Hopefully we’ll be able to roll it out across the district after this year…and beyond thereafter! Thanks for your support! Terry

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