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Cinnamon Whole Oats with Toasted Almonds

Friends Eat | October 1, 2013
Terry selected this recipe as a great one for fall and told us that “labeling foods as appropriate for breakfast, lunch or dinner feels too limiting to me. Sometimes I find last night’s leftovers to be the best fuel for starting my day. And by day’s end, often what I really want is simple comfort food. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this dish of hearty whole oats is sweet and satisfying and will warm your soul.” She also told us “My cooking philosophy comes from my greatest teacher of all…my mom. She has always said, “If you put good ingredients in, you’ll get a good product out.” To that end, I do my best to use quality, locally grown ingredients whenever possible. I look for organic and fresh, and I strive to make meals that feature a rainbow of color and all five tastes. I try not to eat foods that I can’t imagine how they are grown. And most importantly, I add a healthy serving of love to everything I make, and I serve it with the intention that it will nourish and heal. I believe in making healthy choices, doing the best we can, listing to the nutritionist within, and enjoying every delicious bite along the way. Eat Clean Live Well is more than just the name of my blog; it is my passion and my hope as well.” [See also CLEAN START | Winter | page 153]

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Friends Eat | September 26, 2013
We asked Terry for a wholesome, yet satisfying fall recipe. She told us that “these muffins, full of my favorite, warming spices, were a hit from the very beginning. The high-protein combination of flours used makes them a nutritious breakfast snack, and an extremely popular lunch box treat.” We think you will enjoy them as much as we did. [See also CLEAN START | Fall | page 120]

Jicama Strawberry Guacamole

Friends Eat  | August 4, 2013
We asked Terry to contribute a recipe to our Summer Recipe series. She told us “if you’ve never tasted a Watermelon Radish, you’ve been missing out. Its sweet taste and vibrant pink flesh will have you hooked in no time. If watermelon radishes aren’t available, don’t deprive yourself of this guacamole. Tomatillos, cipollini onions or even peaches make great substitutes.” [See also CLEAN FOOD, Revised Edition | Summer | page 98]


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