Monthly Archives: January 2014

Love Your Belly Kraut

Do you know that “there are 10 times more bacteria in the body than cells” and “one serving of lacto-fermented vegetables equals an entire bottle of probiotics?” [Dr. Mercola] I’ve heard the health benefits of lacto-fermentation so many times that I’m practically reciting them in my sleep. So, last night, since the girls were up […]

Lost in Gumbo Land

As cooks go, I’m one who often breaks the rules, or worse, makes my own (as my editor often reminds me). However, that doesn’t prevent me from comparing myself to others who cook for blogs, cookbooks, and of course, television. And so today, as I sat immersed in recipe writing and testing for book three, […]

Terry’s Kitchen CLEAN Food Cooking Class | Avon, CT

Each class will include 5 seasonal and organic recipes, tons of information about the health benefits of the different foods and techniques used, and lots of connection and nourishment. Menu to be determined based on availability of organic local produce. PLEASE NOTE: To accommodate as many people as possible, there will be TWO classes with […]