Jan 2

Starting Anew in 2014

New Year’s is often a time when I step outside of myself, objectively evaluate the past and set goals for the coming year. But this year I find myself in a different frame of mind. With so much momentum towards healthy change, it feels almost impossible to slow down even for a moment.

In my community alone, I have helped lead our healthy school lunch program, have been energized by the success of our newly founded Institute of Sustainable Nutrition, and am heartened to see local commercial farmland reappropriated into an organic community farm. I am filled with pride that Connecticut became the first state to pass a GMO Labeling Law, and am anxiously awaiting for others to follow suit.

I am excited to see my CLEAN START cookbook come out as a soft cover this coming April, making a clean start more affordable and accessible. And, I am literally up to my eyeballs (and taste buds) developing new recipes for my third cookbook due out in the fall.

All told, little fulfills me more than creating awareness of our food system, empowering people to make healthy choices for themselves and the environment, and educating people how to nourish themselves with clean food. Your comments over the past weeks have inspired, touched and motivated me and so many others to stay on this path. While this is my passion and life’s work, sharing it with you is the greatest honor of all.

I celebrate all of you this New Year’s and am thrilled to send signed copies of CLEAN FOOD to…

1. Mel

2. Roz

3. Margaret

and because I just couldn’t keep it to just three…

4. Lisa

From my family to yours…wishing all a happy and healthy 2014! Eat clean live well!


Terry Walters




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