Feb 12

Winter on the Farm

I have been going to Urban Oaks Organic Farm almost every Friday for the past 13 years and it never gets old. Each week I drive to this urban organic farm in the middle of one of the lowest income food deserts in Connecticut, and as soon as I pull into the parking lot I am struck by the beauty. Sometimes it feels like I’m taking the same pictures week after week;  yet somehow those old rickety greenhouses and crumbing cement walls, the single hoop house filled with spinach and arugula, and most significantly, the community, seem more precious and more beautiful each time I go.


I am often asked what I eat during the winter, assuming that nothing grows in the northeast when the temperatures drop below freezing for months on end, but as you’re about to see, the produce is beyond words. And so, after a dusting of snow the other night, I took a trip to the farm (to take some photos for my upcoming cookbook!) and decided to take a few with my phone so that I could share them here with you.


Spinach “under wraps” in the hoop house.


Photographer Julie Bidwell shooting arugula.


Rows of greens and Meyer Lemon trees.


Rainbow chard and multiple varieties of kale in greenhouse one.


Avocado trees, nasturtium and more Meyer Lemons.

If you’re ever near New Britain Connecticut, I’d be more than happy to introduce you to this very special farm – its farmers, my friends.

Until then…THIS is how I eat clean and live well 365!

Terry Walters


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    Oh Terry I agree that it’s an amazing little farm that everyone should visit. I started as a volunteer, and ended up being an employee. It’s a great way to connect to the land working with the plants. There are many learning opportunities when volunteering for this little gem of a farm. One of my favorite was weeding, it was a form of meditation for me as I connected to the Earth with the scents of the soil and freshly pulled weeds (which many are edible). The folks that help make the farm run are an amazing community that deploys a range of talent, age and ethnicity, all working together to raise some of the best darn fresh organic goods you can get your hands on! Imagine being able to get fresh picked greens in the dead of winter, magical.

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