Dec 12

The Giving Season

When it snowed last week, I exclaimed with excitement, “Winter is here!” But my enthusiasm was matched by nobody. Quickly, I was reminded that winter is still weeks away, and while the days are chilly and dark, winter is actually not here yet!

While many look to winter for an opportunity to escape, I feel just the opposite. In summer, the heat is inescapable. I wilt on each run and for as active as I want to be, I question whether the heat will bring me down. But in winter, I love to bundle up and overcome the elements. The woods are tick-free, so perfect for long quiet walks with my dog. The kitchen smells incredible from the aroma of roasted vegetables, long-cooked soups and stews and sweet and delicious baked goods. My snowshoes beg for freshly fallen deep snow, and the mountains call me to throw my skis in the car and spend the day cruising the flats and weaving my way over and around the moguls.


This season, that gives me such a high, also gives me plenty of peaceful quiet time indoors to reflect. And in so doing, I am left feeling incredibly blessed and grateful for the people and organizations that work year round to assure a sustainable and healthy future for me, my family, my community and our environment. Giving Tuesday may be officially behind us, but I would be remiss if I did not encourage you to join me in giving back this holiday season. This is just a small sampling of local and national organizations near and dear to my heart that depend on our generosity to continue to do the work that they do.

Please share your favorite organizations in the comments section of this blog so that we can bring even greater awareness to the important work that they are doing. Each gift helps assure that all will be able to…

Eat clean and live well.

Terry Walters






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