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What’s Your Go-To Winter Dinner? We asked the Pollans, Beekmans and More…
On a bitter cold day, there’s nothing like being able to use what you have on hand to make a hearty dinner. We asked the authors of some of our favorite recently-published cookbooks what they make in the winter using fresh in-season ingredients plus staples from the pantry. The recipes they shared are sure to hit the spot on a frigid day.
Dina El Nabli | Editorial Director, ediblefeast.com | February 20, 2015

Click on recipe name for full recipe: Collard Green Sukiyaki with Buckwheat Noodles

Collard Green Sukiyaki

The first time I made this sukiyaki, it barely made it off the stove. Ever since, I’ve served it in the skillet and let everyone fill a bowl with their favorite combination of veggies and noodles. There’s never even a noodle left behind.

February 20, 2015 | Terry Walters


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