Mar 30

Food Security Awards

These are the superheroes of our food system, working tirelessly to end hunger, grow food and provide access to food, resources and education, regardless of circumstances, through the city of Hartford. They are individuals, businesses, youth, farmers, teachers…all are working together to make Hartford’s food system sustainable and secure. Last Thursday, we honored them at the 15th annual Community Food Security Awards, sponsored by Hartford’s Advisory Commission on Food Policy. While there were only 4 official winners, each nominee deserved recognition for their work and accomplishments, which include:

• Creating farms and gardens to grow food at multiple sites within the city that can be sold affordably.

• Providing meals and backpacks of food for those who would otherwise have none.

• Planting vegetables throughout the city in pots and raised beds. Employing the homeless community to help tend the pots, and making the vegetables free for anyone in need.

• Distributing bags with essential resources and coupons for farmers markets.

• Donating seeds to urban farms and gardeners.

• Planting school gardens.

• Providing financial support to allow non-profits to provide fresh produce and foodstuffs to Hartford residents, as well as screening and educational workshops.

• Creating life classrooms for all who are interested in learning about health, nutrition and wellness.

• Bring the issues of hunger, nutrition and food accessibility to the table, making them the conversation, and most importantly, creating solutions.


With Martha Page, Executive Director, Hartford Food System.

I was honored to be selected to deliver the keynote address at this event, and even more honored to stand among these inspiring doers and leaders who deserve our support and recognition every day. Please take a moment to visit the Hartford Food System website for a complete list of nominees and winners, with descriptions of their awesome work…

…so all can eat clean and live well.

Terry Walters



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  1. Posted April 11, 2015 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    It’s so inspiring to see community’s working together to make healthy food and healthy lives more attainable. Some times I feel like a lone ranger, especially getting awareness within the school community – people are so set in patterns and systems. Keep up the great work Terry and Hartford.

    Im still wanting to go to IOSN or one of your cooking classes… on back burner (ready to steam soon though).

    I am so thrilled to have Eat Clean Live Well on my table (getting a new recipe in once a week. Already repeating a few. ) Rebecca

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