Monthly Archives: February 2016

365 Valentines

  What if we exhaled abundant love into the world each and every day? Would the world, in turn, reflect the love that’s in our hearts? Let’s start today and see how much love we can manifest. Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, clean and delicious Valentine’s each and every day. Eat clean live well!

Manifest Your CLEAN FOOD Journey

MY CLEAN FOOD journey started when I was in college. I moved to an apartment with a tiny kitchen, purchased a cutting board, a knife, a wooden spoon and a pot, and started to teach myself how to cook and heal myself with foreign ingredients…like brown rice and kale. ; ) There is no better time than spring for […]

CLEAN FOOD Cooking Class | Avon, CT

Each class will include 5 seasonal and organic recipes, tons of information about the health benefits of the different foods and techniques used, and lots of connection and nourishment. Menu to be determined based on availability of organic local produce. PLEASE NOTE: This is the same class (with the same recipes) being offered on Monday, […]