Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Art of Retreat

Making one positive change to your diet has the power to improve your health. Making many can change your life. Committing to a retreat is not about learning everything about the subject at hand, discovering definitives, or changing who you are and adapting a different way. It is about removing oneself from daily life just enough to slow down, look within, […]

West Hartford Women in Networking (WWIN) Presentation and Book Signing | West Hartford, CT

Eat Clean. Live Well. Everyone Can Do it! Join Terry for an inspiring discussion guaranteed to empower you to get on the path to eating clean and feeling great! Learn how to make healthy choices that serve your unique constitution, fit your lifestyle, are nutritious and delicious. This program is designed just for you, no […]

You Can Be A Clean Food Cook, Too!

We all face obstacles when it comes to eating clean. In fact, sometimes it feels inevitable that just as I think I’ve discovered what works best for my unique constitution, something changes. Our bodies change, the seasons change, our lifestyles, resources and health change. When I first started working with Gretchen and Jim Nelson, they […]