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You Can Be A Clean Food Cook, Too!

We all face obstacles when it comes to eating clean. In fact, sometimes it feels inevitable that just as I think I’ve discovered what works best for my unique constitution, something changes. Our bodies change, the seasons change, our lifestyles, resources and health change.

When I first started working with Gretchen and Jim Nelson, they and their friends were looking for support and inspiration to raise healthy families. Today, their children are grown and have moved out, Gretchen works full time, and Jim finds himself doing most of the cooking. Their lives are totally different, as are their tastes, their needs and even their access to clean food. What makes my job so rewarding and fulfilling is that I get to accompany and support people like Gretchen and Jim and help them navigate the landscape of clean food and make it easy, delicious and nutritious.

Each of us has obstacles to eating clean, but more often than not, those barriers are easily removed. All it takes is some strategic planning, a handful of shortcuts, and an arsenal of healthy recipes to serve all your needs – quick and easy breakfasts, nourishing lunches that can be packed and carried, satisfying snacks, and healthy dinners appropriate for both the light eater and the extreme athlete. These were the needs on Gretchen and Jim’s to-do list, and we accomplished them all with our most recent series of private cooking classes, not to mention shared a whole lot of delicious clean food and fun.

Terry-February-Collage1 Terry-February-Collage2

It’s always an honor to be in the kitchen with you through my books, but it’s a special treat for me when I get to be there in person – whether I’m actually in your kitchen, running a program at your workplace, or connecting through a community event. If there’s any way I can support you further, I encourage you to be in touch. If there’s one thing that this work has taught me, it’s that together we can accomplish significant healthy change, and be nourished as much by sharing the journey as by the clean food.

Eat clean live well!

Terry Walters



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