Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Gift of Time

This was supposed to be about the heartwarming day I watched my daughter teach my niece how to make challah. But last week, as I was in my car listening to the radio, an old Jim Croce song came on that got me thinking. And when I sat down to write, I realized that some […]

Healing Meals Community Project

When I self-published CLEAN FOOD, it was thrilling to discover how far it was travelling. I received emails from all over the country and world. Every email touched my heart and inspired me even more to continue writing and sharing my clean food recipes and journey. But one email in particular stands out even to […]

Healing Your Gut…with an app!

Imagine someone telling you “Here’s exactly what you need to eat to be healthy.” Then imagine that the recipes are all written by an award-winning best-selling cookbook author, and… “Here’s a shopping list for the week.” Oh, how I wish someone had shared this information when I embarked on my own clean food journey all those […]