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Healing Meals Community Project

When I self-published CLEAN FOOD, it was thrilling to discover how far it was travelling. I received emails from all over the country and world. Every email touched my heart and inspired me even more to continue writing and sharing my clean food recipes and journey. But one email in particular stands out even to this day. It arrived on January 8, 2008. Here is the heart of that email:


I was just in Connecticut over the holidays visiting family and my sister, Sarah Leathers,
gave me and my sister-in-law copies of your wonderful new book…. I am the founder of
The Ceres Community Project out here on the West Coast. Since we launched in March of
last year, we’ve provided 4,200 meals to 28 local families — all at no cost to them.

Many of our clients are vegan and, despite having cooked professionally for 15 years and
having been a vegetarian and/or vegan for most of the past 35 years, I still appreciate
new inspiration!

Blessings to you,
Cathryn Couch
Founder, The Ceres Community Project


Years later, I visited the Ceres Community Project in California, taught a community cooking class for them, signed books, and was inspired by their work and intentions – supporting those in need and helping their community heal.

Today, I am thrilled to complete the circle by sharing with you the Healing Meals Community Project. A sister organization of Ceres Community Project in two ways – first as a Ceres affiliate partner, and second as founder Sarah Leathers is the sister who gifted my books in the letter above!

Based in central Connecticut, Healing Meals started in March with a handful of volunteers working out of commercial kitchen space generously donated by Kim and Scott Morrison, owners of our beloved local New England Pasta Company.

And today, not even a year later, Healing Meals Community Project has served:

• 5,000+ meals
• 92 people
• 36 families
• 15 towns in Connecticut

They have trained more than 65 youth volunteers in cooking, nutrition and leadership, and have been supported by more than 70 adult volunteers who have served as mentors, Delivery Angels, administrative support, gardeners and more.



Clockwise from top left – Terry with Kim Morrison of New England Pasta Co., prepared meals, student volunteers, adult mentors, immune boosting broth.


Nearly ten years after receiving that first letter from Cathryn Couch, I received these words in an email from her sister just weeks ago:

This has truly been a dream come true for me and I cannot thank you enough for
giving me the push to take that step and just start. I know this is what I am supposed
to be doing and I have never looked back.”

Sarah Leathers
Founder, Healing Meals Community Project


What a thrill it has been to see this organization take off, and what an honor to part of this healing community. If you would like to join me in supporting Healing Meals Community Project this holiday season, please visit their website here. Donations in an amount help individuals and families in need to…

Eat clean and live well.

Terry Walters


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