Dec 8

Healing Your Gut…with an app!

Imagine someone telling you “Here’s exactly what you need to eat to be healthy.”
Then imagine that the recipes are all written by an award-winning best-selling cookbook author, and…
“Here’s a shopping list for the week.”

Oh, how I wish someone had shared this information when I embarked on my own clean food journey all those years ago! This fairy tale may not come with an in-house chef, but it IS a dream come true.

I met Darlene Clarkin after she had taken an early retirement from her first career and was pursuing her interest in holistic health. When she combined her business acumen with her passion for whole health, WholeLife HealthTech Inc. was born. Today, she has a brand-new app focused on supporting people who are gluten intolerant, and I am honored to be part of the team that created it.


MyHealthyGut App helps people manage and improve their overall health and nutrition.

Personally, I have spent 30 years exploring how to eat clean, live well, and teaching others how to make doing so easy and delicious. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend 30 years figuring out how best to eat to support your own good health. Now it’s all wrapped up in one app that’s accessible to all.

I loved developing the meal plan for MyHeathyGut, and am thrilled now to learn that so many people are loving not only my recipes, but the helpful information about foods to eat and foods to avoid, advice on supplements, and a food journal to help negotiate their own clean food journeys with success.

MyHealthyGut App represents collaboration between a Health Researcher, a Registered Dietician, a Holistic Nutritionist, and me, with the support of The University of Calgary (Faculty of Kinesiology), Canadian Celiac Association (Calgary, Vancouver and Kamloops Chapters), Mitacs and the Calgary Foundation. This is the real deal.

So stop spinning your wheels figuring out how to fuel your best nutrition and health. Check out the app today, reap the benefits every day, and check back here to share your experience to help make this app even better.

Helping all to…

Eat clean and live well,

Terry Walters


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