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The Party in My Plants Podcast

How to Eat Clean! with the Clean Eating Queen:Terry Walters | December 01, 2016 Terry Walters was one of the earliest “clean eaters.” Her first book, “Clean Food” came out way before “clean” related to food in any way other than sanitary! But “clean eating” has since turned into a vague, trendy, catch-all phrase, right? Not […] | Spring Clean for Cleaner Eating | EAT CLEAN LIVE WELL | Spring Clean for Cleaner Eating Cleaner Kitchen, Healthier You When your pantry is packed with processed junk and your crisper is a no-man’s land, making healthy food choices just doesn’t come, well, naturally. Terry Walters, author of “Clean Food” and “Clean Start,” believes that building a healthier lifestyle starts with putting a few […] | The Only Nutrition Advice You’ll Ever Need | EAT CLEAN LIVE WELL

Josie Rubio | | March 28, 2016 Read more from our #WHOLEFOODS primer here. What should I eat? It’s a simple question that yields surprisingly complex—and often conflicting—answers. Both vegans and diehard paleo dieters, for instance, continue to wage their turf war, claiming their meals mimic those of our ancestors and are the way humans are “supposed” […]