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How to Eat Clean! with the Clean Eating Queen:Terry Walters | December 01, 2016

Terry Walters was one of the earliest “clean eaters.” Her first book, “Clean Food” came out way before “clean” related to food in any way other than sanitary! But “clean eating” has since turned into a vague, trendy, catch-all phrase, right? Not anymore.

In this episode, we lay down the law about what clean eating REALLY is (and really isn’t), so you don’t have to keep hearing stuff from the organic grapevine. Oh, and spoiler alert: clean eating is pretty much the same as plant-partying!   Get excited to learn: What eating clean REALLY means to Terry (and how, like in the game of telephone, “clean eating” can be misinterpreted). The difference between being rigid with your healthy diet vs. having a tight grip on it. Why you need fermented foods in your life, like YESTERDAY! How pizza and hot sauce can actually be part of your “clean” diet. Why eating in season is a serious no-brainer. And so much more!

To listen to this podcast click here.

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