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CLEAN FOOD Sourdough Bread Workshop | Avon, CT

This hands-on workshop will teach you everything you “knead” to know about starting your own artisan sourdough bread-making tradition. Together we’ll mix, knead, rest, rise…and of course, taste! You’ll learn the benefits of fermented, naturally-rising bread-making, as well as how to care for and use a natural starter. Each participant will make two sourdough breads to ferment and bake the […]

CLEAN FOOD Fermentation Workshop | Avon, CT

Cultivating Nutrition, Taste and Good Health This hands-on fermentation workshop will empower you with knowledge and know-how to make fermented foods part of your daily ritual. Known to improve taste, increase nutrients, and support a strong immune system, fermentation has been used for centuries as a sustainable and delicious way to preserve the harvest and sustain good […]

INSIDE: A Guide to the Resources Within

In an email dated October 21, 2015: “I have had your magnificent recipes a part of my personal and professional life for many years now and would love you to be a guest blogger.” Weeks later I wrote a blog for Sarah Brassard’s website, and soon thereafter  accepted her invitation for lunch. We have been […]