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“An absolute gem of a book filled with valuable, useful and approachable information. Terry Walters draws you into her passion for the seasons and shows what each, uniquely, has to offer. She teaches us that by allowing our bodies to work with, not against, the cycles of the seasons, we will naturally be in balance. This book is not about doing without; it’s very much about how to do it all with vigor, passion and sustainability!” —CARLA HALL, ABC’s “The Chew”

EAT CLEAN LIVE WELL is about filling your plate and your life with foods and rituals that nourish good health and wellbeing. With more than 175 new recipes, this book is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for easy, nutritious and delicious clean food.

Season by season, Walters takes us on a journey to sustain good health for your body, home and environment. In Spring, offering natural cleansing for body, home and environment – with tempting recipes like Roasted Baby Artichokes with Tarragon Oil and a salad of Sugar Snap Peas and Scallions with Orange-Ginger Dressing. Summer brings fresh locally grown produce from the farm to your table with Grilled Sweet Corn with Spicy Rub and Garlic Green Beans with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. Welcome fall and healthful ways to preserve the harvest with lacto-fermented vegetables and homemade fruit leather the whole family will love. And finally, nestle in for winter with immune supporting tonics, warming soups and satisfying casseroles. These are the foods we all need more of, combined with a wealth of lifestyle tips to inspire your healthy journey so that we can all…eat clean and live well.

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“Delicious and simple food has never seemed so healthful and beautiful… or is it healthful food has never been so delicious? Either way, CLEAN FOOD is the most exciting book based on fresh produce and simple recipes I have used in years. Yum!” —MARIO BATALI

More than a cookbook, CLEAN FOOD is an easy-to-understand guide to eating closer to the source. This revised edition offers even more inspiration to eat clean and live well, with more than twenty new recipes, variations to make every recipe gluten-free, a new chapter dedicated to healthy snacking, and mouthwatering photography throughout. Acclaimed author, educator and clean food advocate Terry Walters has created recipes that feature today’s most healthful ingredients, and offers valuable information that empowers you with the knowledge and tools to making good health both sustainable and delicious.

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CLEAN START selected as a 2011 James Beard Foundation Award finalist in the “Healthy Focus” category!

Terry Walters’ first book, CLEAN FOOD, caused a sensation and fueled a nationwide movement about nourishment and clean food that’s been embraced all the way to the White House. Now available in a soft-cover edition, CLEAN START takes Terry’s philosophy of eating minimally processed foods for maximum nutrition even further, making it easier for everyone — from the kitchen novice to the seasoned chef — to eat clean. CLEAN START features 100 exciting new recipes for the foods we all need more of, featuring Terry’s signature quick, easy, and delicious preparations. CLEAN START inspires you to take the next step…no matter where you’re starting.

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